Calling All Mercenaries, SWTOR Bounty Contract Week Starts Tomorrow

SWTOR Bounty Contract Week
SWTOR Bounty Contract Week

Announced last week in the Titans of Industry Patch, the first Star Wars: The Old Republic Bounty Contract Week event will begin tomorrow August 14. Each day you will be able to take on one bounty contract on the planet of your choice. Success will be determined by the ultimate death or capture of your target and by how well, or poorly, you utilized the Bounty Brokers Association (BBA) underworld resources. After the successful completion of several contracts for the BBA, you will then gain access to high-profile targets available via Kingpin contracts.

All bounty contracts will be listed by the BBA in the Cartel Bazaar hangar of the Fleet. Contracts will be available to anyone level 15 and above. Each contract’s difficulty and rewards will scale to your level to ensure proper compensation and challenge.


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