FireFall Double Crystite Weekend

FireFall Double Crystite Weekend
FireFall Double Crystite Weekend

FireFall is running its first double weekend event this weekend. During the event, which will run until 10 am PDT Monday August 12, all Crystite drops and rewards will be doubled. This is a great opportunity to rake in some extra Crystite to spend upgrading your favorite Battleframe(s) or to research and craft that next level of gear.

Along with the double Crystite event, all Battleframes will be on sale. From now until August 20, you will be able to buy any Battleframe for only seven Pilot Tokens instead of the normal ten. In addition, when you purchase any Red Bean package you will receive a new rechargeable Glider Pad, a new “Top Run and Gun” helmet and a “Target” decal as a one-time bonus item reward. The Red Bean item reward will run until September 10.

In addition to these specials, Red 5 developers and rangers will be hosting group events for the five-man story instance, Blackwater Anomaly. Keep your eyes open for Red 5 devs in chat inviting people to these groups if you want to join in. And you never know, you may just get a small reward as well.


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