Eternal Crusade Phase Three

Eternal Crusade
Eternal Crusade

Phase three for Eternal Crusade has dropped. In this latest phase, we discover the members of Manufactorum Behaviour, the team tasked with bring Eternal Crusade to the world of men. Check out the video below to meet the team, and maybe a little bit of early character design and gameplay as well.


Eternal Crusade Announces Phase Two

Eternal Crusade, the recently announced 3rd person action MMO set in the Warhammer 40K universe from Behaviour Interactive and the Games Workshop has just hit phase two. So what does reaching phase two mean to all the rabid 40K fans out there? The Emperor provides.

Phase two reveals two important aspects of Eternal Crusade. The faction choices and available chapters of the Space Marines at launch.

Initial race choices in Eternal Crusade
Playable factions at launch

Players will be able to wage war in the 41th millennium as:

  • Space Marines, Gene-seed enhanced super soldiers of the Imperium of Man.
  • Eldar, mysterious beings with awesome psychic powers.
  • Orks, the green horde out to destroy everything in its path.
  • Chaos Space Marines, Space Marines fallen to the corruption of the Warp.

Each faction will provide a completely different play experience, these differences range from combat style to starting areas as well as the UI.

Space Marine Chapters
Space Marine Chapters at launch

Players who select the Space Marines will able to select from:

  • Legion XIII, the Ultramarines.
  • Legion I, the Dark Angels.
  • Legion IX, the Blood Angels.
  • Legion VI, the Space Wolves.

The Gene-seed for each chapter of the Adeptus Astartes is unique and will confer upon their members unique bonuses and abilities. While members of each chapter rise from different beginnings, many will come together to defend the Emperor against the enemies of the Imperium.